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Does the task of setting two Poker hands that beat the Dealer scare you away from the "Game voted most fun"?

"Pai Gow Players and Casino Analysts Reveal the Best Winning System for Pai Gow Poker Anywhere, with Powerful Strategies to Help You Pocket Profits every Time You Play Pai Gow Poker. Regular games and "Banked Games" are both covered"

Hi... I'm
Buzz B Berkeley

To All Current & Potential Pai Gow Poker Players:

I've been playing Pai Gow Poker ever since I learned to play (and Beat) the game in the Dealer School.

I began a quest to figure out how to win consistently as if I were going to make this my living.

I figured out after reading everyone's books and watching everyone's DVDs, that all the "systems" and "strategies" pale by comparison to the training I received in Dealers' School.

I won lots more often than not. I took lots of notes and have compiled everything I've learned into one book... and now YOU can get my book...

Instead of investing thousands of dollars into a Dealers' School to learn this, you can benefit from my having already done it.

Now, you too can learn:

dot First, the step-by-step procedures the dealers must use, and how to turn them into your advantage.

dot Second, How to become "The Banker" and gain the casino profits for yourself. This cannot be done in any other casino game. So, learn how YOU profit instead of the casino.

dot Third, the CORRECT ways to set your two-card LOW hands and your 5-card HIGH hands - and the important exceptions that will make all the difference in your bankroll.

And I proved that I should use the casinos' own rules to beat them at their own game!

Once you master the "House Ways" to set your hands for maximum wins, Pai Gow Poker will no longer be intimidating or daunting, but fun and profitable.

Learn and Remember these RULES:
Pai Gow Poker Rules:
No Pair Rule The second and third highest ranking cards will be placed in the LOW hand. The highest ranking card and all remaining cards will be played in the HIGH hand.
One Pair Rule Use the highest two non-paired cards in the LOW hand. Place the remaining cards, including the pair in the HIGH hand.
Two Pair Rule I'll show you the formula for holding or splitting your pairs.
Three Pair Rule This is the easiest of all hands to play correctly- do you know how?
Three-of-a-Kind Rule Do you know when to break your set? Sometimes you must!
Straight Rule What if you have a pair? An Ace? A Joker? Do you know what to do?
Flush or Straight Flush Rule How do you play an Ace? A Joker? A six or seven-card Flush?
Full House Rule What do you do when your Full House hand includes an extra pair?
Four-of-a-Kind Rule Do you know which to split up? What about a consecutive Three-of-a-Kind?
Five Ace Rule A NO brainer; Always play two Aces in the LOW Hand.
Don't forget the Joker This card changes everything. Do you know why? when? how?

After dealing the game, I've now decided to share all this information with you - that was my breakthrough revelation.

And now, Pai Gow Poker becomes beatable! You'll CONSISTENTLY win too.

Now I'm willing to share the results of my hard years of dealing and study - "Win Pai Gow Poker Money" with YOU! This is the best book you'll EVER find.

My hard work has paid off in that I was able to create an ebook that explains this perfect winning system, one that shows You how to WIN and WIN AGAIN!

Why do you ever lose at Pai Gow Poker?

Because people who aren't taught the hard and fast rules of Pai Gow Poker, go in and drop their hard-earned cash on a table, and think it takes LUCK to win! But, this system eliminates any need for LUCK and replaces it with SKILL!


"Win Pai Gow Poker Money"
My book as a result of years of dealing and studying Pai Gow Poker.

I've made it easy for you to learn the strategies too! These winning strategies are equally effective when playing in an online casino or a land-based cardroom!

YOU can do this too... with only two things:

1) Self-Discipline.
You need an "Iron Self-Discipline" to save You from yourself: from your greed, your impatience, your failure to cut your losses, your ignorance of the rules, your lack of cash control, and your tracking of whether You are up or down.

2) Reliable Winning System.
This is the most important part of the equation. In order to make a small fortune at Pai Gow Poker, you need my reliable Winning book of Knowledge.

I can't help You develop your Self-Discipline. But I will give you the "rules" for it...

What I can teach You is INSTANT Success with the most reliable Winning System for Pai Gow Poker anywhere. You will win consistently even in the long run...

Does this sound like you:

"I enjoyed following the crowd and playing all the games I wanted to play, but skipping Pai Gow Poker because it intimidated me."

"I watched them play Pai Gow Poker, and it constantly called to me - "Try me", "try me"... so, I'd walk over to the table (or slowly pass by it) with the idea to jump in... I'd watch the confusing banter, the dice (what're THEY for?), the hands of SEVEN cards (7?), and the betting procedures on the table and just kept moving on because it's just not as easy as it should be."

"It was way too daunting. I didn't want to join in because I didn't understand the game nor the many, many steps and betting opportunities. I didn't want to look and sound stupid! I just didn't have a clue how to play."

Would You Like to turn this around and Make Hundreds or Even Thousands of Dollars a Day At the Pai Gow Poker Table?

Just imagine walking up to a Pai Gow Poker game knowing that your Winning Strategies will make YOU win your bets.

Imagine how great You would feel if You could make your bets with the confidence of knowing that You will collect winnings, sometimes substantial winnings, more often than not.

Imagine the Powerful feeling of being the "Bank". You've envied the casino for always coming out ahead... now, armed with these Strategies, YOU can be the Bank and rake in all those profits instead.

This e-Book teaches you tested and proven results of thousands of hours of playing Pai Gow Poker. The methods and systems revealed, are the best You will ever come across. It will teach You skills necessary to win!!

You'll learn the odds and make them work for YOU, the secrets of the LOW and HIGH hand strategies, and advice that will keep you ahead of the other players.

Whether You're just learning, or really know your way around a Pai Gow Poker table, you'll now learn how to WIN big money every time You play Pai Gow Poker!

But Who am I to make all these Claims, and Why the Heck Should You Even Listen to What I have to Say!?

My name is Buzz B Berkeley and I'm a Professional Gambler. I'll show you unknown, underused strategies that You can master right away to win at Pai Gow Poker. Believe it or not, YOU are in control of your winnings (or losses), you're going to ride waves of success.

I'll be teaching You how easy it is to control the game of Pai Gow Poker by applying powerful strategies.

These strategies have been proven time and time again from top Pai Gow Poker players who are making thousands of dollars right now, as you read this letter. I can make these claims first-hand because I am a celebrity in the casino world, and playing Pai Gow Poker is more than just a game for me!

Are You ready:
to start making more money in just a few hours than You did in an entire month?

If Your answer is "YES", then NOW is the perfect time to introduce You to the "Win Pai Gow Poker Money" system:

Don’t throw away ANY more of your money!
Don’t continue contributing to the casino!

It’s time to STOP LOSING!

Without this information:

You will remain a “fish” and you cannot beat the house who is better equipped.

You’ll still leave the tables broke!

You’ll still revert to following the old habits and losing out on the money-making opportunities that only Pai Gow Poker offers.

You’ll STILL misunderstand the game.


checkmark2 Get to the winning side of the house, or lose!
checkmark2 Get to the winning bets on the Pai Gow Poker tables, or lose!
checkmark2 Get rid of the houses' Edge, or lose!
checkmark2 Get this book, or lose!

... Here's How to Get On The Fast-Track
to Increased Knowledge, Understanding and Winnings!

The regular price for the "Win Pai Gow Poker Money" ebook is $67, which comes out to about $3 a tactic, and Hundreds of players are paying exactly that. And it's a steal, even at that price!)

But for a limited time, I'm making you a very special offer that I'm positive you can't refuse. Right now, your low investment for my one-of-a-kind, award-winning ebook is just $27. That comes out to about one minute of play — less than a dinner at the Casino!

Consider the fact that a measly $27 is peanuts — less than the average typical payoff on a single hand! (and remember, I normally charge $67.)

I think you'll agree that this is one of the best bargains going. Many ebooks charge 3 to 5 times as much.

But here's something more important...

What you really need to consider is what you're getting for your money, because it's more than just an ebook.

And consider how much NOT getting this book will cost you:

You'll continue to lose your hard-earned money at the Pai Gow Poker tables. You'll continue to go in the hole instead of building a sizable bankroll.

Not only do you get at least 100 times your money back in hardcore value, but also, and let's face it: Plain, "what-to-do" advice alone just won't get the job done. (I mean, if it did, you'd already be a millionaire, right?)

You need specific, step-by-step details that leave no questions in your mind, so you know precisely what to do immediately to crank out winnings, and profits right now.

You get all of these valuable instructions for a paltry $27. I do mean "paltry" compared to the immense value you'll pull from the ebook! (I urge you to download your copy today before the price goes up to the $67 fee.)

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It’s time you ordered
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Now, if you're still skeptical, remember this...

Your Purchase is Backed By...
My Personal 100% Money-Back
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Listen, I want you to be as confident as I am and many of my students are. But just in case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I want to make it foolproof for you.

Get my ebook today and read every word, practice the strategies, access any resource and download every bonus.

If you're not completely convinced that "Win Pai Gow Poker Money" is worth the price of admission many times over, then within the first 60 days you can ask for your money back. I'll refund your purchase price, and we part as friends.

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*Tip: Comps: what they are, who awards them, how to get them, the best (and worse), use 'em or save 'em?

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And Much, Much More.

Now, there's no retail value on these tips since many of them are not sold anywhere at any price. And some of them are not even available at all, anywhere! Only Las Vegas Guest Guide readers get exclusive access.

But if I were to put a total estimated value, I'd say this bonus would be worth at least $200. And that's conservative!

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Buzz On Roulette

I'll show you 13 separate yet powerful systems to increase winnings by a minimum of 20% with just 60 minutes of studying — or less!

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1) Sit n' Go Super Strategies
Strategies to place into the Money, Every single Time! Now that Poker has become so popular, the blush is off the rose. Many players have actually suffered and declined due to their reliance on Luck. Are you falling into the same trap?

In these eye-opening strategies, I disclose the probabilites for each play. See what's working to increase profits, what could be seriously damaging your play, and a few steps you can take to immediately prevent serious errors from destroying your bankroll!

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Chapter 1:   Straight to the Point (Intro)
Chapter 2:   Sleazy Online Players
Chapter 3:   Multiple Tables of Income
Chapter 4:   The Poker Cheat Sheet
Chapter 5:   Cheat Your Online Competitors Out of Their Money!
Chapter 6 :   The Not-So-Fair Online Poker Software

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What you will find here is a unique collection of ideas and techniques using poker, particularly Texas Holdem that will generate cash flow for yourself without gambling a single dime at a poker table.  

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dot Stop pulling your hair out from frustrating losses, and from second-guessing every play you make...

... Then, you owe it to yourself to take full advantage of this limited, risk-free offer right now before it's too late. Every moment that passes by may be another loss at the tables.

In today's uncertain economy, plain, "how to," what-to-do advice alone just won't cut it. You need more! You need a potent combination of powerful advice, proven strategies, and specific, step-by-step examples.

That way, you can get your online and offline action on a fast track to stronger play, increased winnings, and a lot more profits as quickly as possible.

"Win Pai Gow Poker Money" is the only private ebook— perhaps the ONLY source — with this kind of comprehensive, compiled information on the Internet. You won't find anything like it elsewhere. Not in any other ebook, website or course.

So get your copy right away.


Pai Gow Poker ebook2

Win Pai Gow Poker Money

checkmark YES

Download my copy ASAP, Buzz! I'm both ready and eager to exponentially improve my play and boost my profits! I realize that the "Win Pai Gow Poker Money" ebook is the fastest and easiest way to do it.

I understand that:

checkmark I will get instant access to all the information; all the resources; all the articles, tools and tips; and all the free bonuses.

checkmark My investment is only $27. My payment of choice will be billed automatically. There is no long term commitment.

checkmark You make NO promises or guarantees that I will produce any specific result, income, or profit as a result of this purchase. I realize that my efforts, my study, and my play are unique, and my results may vary from those shown or implied.

checkmark I'm made privy to potent, highly sensitive and proprietary information. I understand that disclosing this information can cause irreparable damage. So I hereby promise never to reveal, disclose, share, or allow unauthorized access to this ebook. Ever. Doing so will forfeit all fees paid, and be punishable by law.

checkmark The ebook is 100% guaranteed. If I'm not satisfied within the first 60 days of my purchase, I can ask for a complete refund on my fees paid. (Applicable to first-time buyers only. If you purchased before, this would not apply.)

Click here to download your copy today for only $27.

To Your Good Fortune,

Buzz B Berkeley

Buzz B Berkeley

P.S. Remember, I've honed my skills as a dealer of Pai Gow Poker, and now YOU are benefitting from all my hard work. I've written the book from the dealer's point of view so you get a complete understanding of your opponent, and by using the strategies in this book you'll be well armed to take him down! ... or better yet: take his place as "The Banker"!


Pai Gow Poker Money

I'm so sure you'll LOVE these strategies, that I'm offering a full money-back guarantee! If you don't find the material helpful just let me know within the first 60 days of your purchase, and I'll allow a complete refund!

Contact Info: buzz [at] ipns.com (w/o the spaces)
2210 W. Main Street
Suite 107 - 108
Battleground, WA 98604

Here’s the legal stuff: No promise or guarantee of winning is implied. You must apply the information provided without exception. Everyone is different, everyone has different patience levels.

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